Amy's Organic Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup 14.3 oz.

Organic fire-roasted corn, onions and green peppers are combined with vegetables and black beans, then mildly seasoned with savoury green chiles and Southwestern spices. Serve it with a dollop of sour cream and a stack of warm organic corn tortillas.

Gluten-free/dairy-free/lactose-free/tree nut free/vegan/plant-based 

Filtered water, organic diced tomatoes, organic roasted potatoes, organic fire roasted corn, organic black beans, organic fire roasted onions, organic carrots, organic fire roasted green bell peppers, organic celery, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic green chiles, sea salt, organic spices, organic black pepper, organic tomato purée, organic onions, organic balsamic vinegar (organic wine vinegar, organic grape must).


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