Mutti Tomato Sauce Peperoncino 400g

Mutti sauces are born from a long tradition of love, experience, and culture of the best Italian tomato. The base of fine tomato pulp is combined with a pinch of concentrate to enhance its flavour and genuine taste even more. To the tomato are added fresh basil leaves, which give the classic combination an unmistakably Italian feeling. Our pasta sauces combine the vibrant taste of tomatoes with the best ingredients Italy has to offer. Based on traditional recipes and modern cooking, these sauces raise your pasta dishes to a whole new level. They work perfectly when simply heated up – or as a smooth base for your own recipes.


Ingredients: Choppedtomatoes82%,tomatopaste12%,oliveoil,sugar,onion,chillipepper0.5%,salt,natural flavourings, basil, garlic.Choppedtomatoes82%,tomatopaste12%,oliveoil,sugar,onion,chillipepper0.5%,salt,natural flavourings, basil, garlic.


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